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A space where pencil will show its love towards the paper and words will shape a thought. The partners committing this

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Inviting you to respect my beauty not to destroy it by your lust. I was born the same as you but was fed the lesson of responsibility when the senses came to life. Mouth was sewed by the thread of domination carried by the men who were liable to earn money thus their pride graph […]

Limit Anger

Meditate to let go of many emotions which harm yourself. Will you? Copyright 2020 (All rights reserved by Puja and Kritika)

The Creative Spill On Instagram

We created an Instagram Handle few days back. Social media has opened a wide range of options for us artists to show case our work and connect with the same category community world wide. Appreciation is all a person needs to follow her or his dreams. Hope would catch you up there as well. Below […]

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